No Job Too Big or Too Small !

4 Easy Painting Tips for the Homeowner

By Robert Suastegui

Painting can be a daunting task. However, if

you properly plan and have the right tools, painting can be a very rewarding experience.

The key is to avoid the classic mistakes made by many. The goal of these four (4) tips are to make your project a painless event with outstanding results.

Tip #1:

You do not need to buy the most expensive brushes or rollers. However, purchasing the least expensive ‘tools’ will yield mediocre results and will frustrate you. A good middle-of-the-road brush and roller will do the trick.

Tip #2:

When using a roller, make sure to wrap it in painter’s tape before using it for the first time. Then immediately remove the tape. You will find that the tape does a great job of removing the loose particles in the roller. When homeowners don’t do this, they will end up with little particles in the paint on the wall.

Tip #3:

It’s fine to use thin plastic covering to protect furniture from paint splatter. However, when protecting the floor, it is best to use a thicker visqueen (plastic), or a painter’s cloth tarp. The heavier the material, the less chance there is to having it move around as you work on it.

Tip #4:

When using painter’s tape be sure to affix the tape securely to the surface by using a putty knife or any other tool you may have handy to press the tape against the surface. This will help avoid paint ‘leaking’ underneath the tape.

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